Heavy Duty Trucks- Types and Uses

Published: 04th April 2011
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Heavy Duty Trucks- Types and Uses

Using trucks to transport heavy goods was an idea taken from the olden days when cattle were used to pull heavy burdens placed on carts. Promptly following the invention of the car, the truck too made its appearance on the scene and over the last century, a countless of different types of them have hit the market, each designed to suit a different need. There are basically three categories of trucks that are generally used today Light trucks, Medium trucks and Heavy trucks and the classification is generally on the amount of load they can carry. In this article, we discuss about the Heavy duty trucks and the subdivisions under it.

The term Heavy Duty truck means a vehicle used to carry seriously heavy loads. Some of these have been known to carry weights in excess of 300 tons and they have especially gained significance in modern times where import and export businesses of various goods have reached a zenith. Heavy Duty trucks are one of the import trucks which are very suitable for carrying high load from one place to another. Below we give the classification of different types of Heavy duty trucks.

Ballast tractor: It is a vehicle designed to pull or push heavy loads that are beyond the strength of a normal tractor. It has linking device called as drawbar that helps it to get behind the object to be pushed while still in drive.

Concrete transport truck: These are loaded with dry materials and water, which are mixed during transport from a plant to the intended construction area.

Crane mounted truck: This type of truck has a crane attached to it which is then used either to transport persons or materials to a greater height. These are essential when it comes to building sky scrapers.

Dump trucks: Dump trucks are used for transporting loose material such as sand, gravel and dirt, to and from the construction site. Dump truck sales have especially seen in a boom in modern times due to construction businesses.

There are others types too such as garbage trucks which are used to compress and recycle wastes and refrigerator trucks that are utilized to transport perishable items over long distances. One more type of heavy duty truck which is much in demand today are tankers that can be used for shipping of chemicals, gases, slurries or emulsions. Other subdivisions of heavy duty trucks include Flatbed trucks, Semi-trailer trucks and SUVs & VANs. Flatbeds allows for quick and easy loading of goods since it has an entirely flat body with no sides or roofs. Semi-trailers are large trucks designed to pull loads on a separate trailer.

Author Bio: I am an automobile engineer and have been in this field for 15 years now. My company is into dealing with import trucks and my job there is to perform quality checks on the heavy duty trucks arriving at our place. I have always been fascinated to see a new invention or a different type of truck making it into the market and especially in recent years, this has become a booming business fields. This article is written especially for truck loving owners so that they can keep pace with the swift changes taking place in the market.

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